One a Day

I have had a love of photography since I received my first Pentax 30 years ago. Over the years I have taken many memories that are still with me today in frames around my home and numerous albums.

I have watched my 2 children grow up through the lens of my camera. Over the past 2 or 3 years I have become obsessed with sunsets, macro and landscapes since my children now refuse to have their photographs taken till they have spent hours in the bathroom.

My career path has taken a few turns over the years, as a chef in a 5* hotel to working in primary school as a special support assistant. I now work with families who are victims of domestic abuse or witness to as in a child’s case. My work is very rewarding and can be life changing in some cases. My photography is my escape.

I’m now at that stage in my life that I would like to improve my skills, therefore my reason for starting a blog. I am going to post a photograph a day all taken by myself, some new and some over the last 2 or 3 years on my travels. I would appreciate any comments be it positive or negative to help me become a better artist.

Thank you :)



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