Help !!!

I have finally succumbed to purchasing editing software.

That was the easy bit …… the hard bit,  anyone have any suggestions as to which is best. I don’t want to buy Photoshop is doesn’t suit my needs but I am open to suggestions 🙂

Thank you

4 thoughts on “Help !!!

  1. Hi Angi,

    I think Lightroom has a great deal to offer if you don’t want to go the Photoshop route. There are free programs out there of course. I think one of the best but probably one of the most daunting, given the interface and the myriad of processing options, is Raw Therapee. It does rather put the paid programs to shame.

    I’d suggest trying Lightroom on a free trial and see how you get on with it. You could also download Raw Therapee and take a look. Nothing ventured.. 🙂

    • Thanks Adrian, I only have a bridge camera and sadly it only stores in jpeg. I think Photoshop is very expensive and out of my price range. Lightroom seems to be the favourite ….. Googled the 5 version and it looks good. Think I’m going to take the plunge ….. 🙂

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