My Town – Accrington

After seeing The Digital Lightroom competition, the theme being Urban Landscape, I decided to enter. It took me till the 11th hour to get my entries in, but during this journey I learnt something. I have not really taken these kind of photographs, but I was going to go for it. At the beginning it was a mass panic as I don’t live in a city but near a small town. Where would I get some inspiration from !! After driving round town on many an occasion I began to stop looking and began to see that the town I was living in had some beautiful old buildings, some rundown areas, derelict parts but all with character. I have taken my town for granted,  I’ve decided over the next few ‘One a day Blogs’ that I would share my town with you. I live in Accrington, know mainly for the fact we have a football team, Accrington Stanley and a certain milk commercial.

I hope you enjoy 🙂  My first photograph was posted yesterday …..

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