179 – Breakwater

179 - Seabreak


6 thoughts on “179 – Breakwater

  1. Angi, just happened to have this page open and the horizon line was at the top of the window. I know I said I liked the watercolour sky, but with this view (i.e. the sky fully cropped, it gave a real dynamic feel to the picture, brought out the shadows more and really drew me in to the end of the breakwater posts and the crashing wave. This was noted purely by accident and you may not agree with my observations but try giving it a go and see what you think. Let me know.

    All the best. MM 🍀

    • I have looked at the photo as you suggested. It cuts the top off the spray and the first 2 posts. I prefer it with the sky and the darker cloud. Thank you for your comment though and keeping me on my toes. 🙂

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