190 – The Pompidou Centre

190 - The Pompidou Centre


5 thoughts on “190 – The Pompidou Centre

      • Good, very busy and Lightroom 5 just dropped onto my mat this morning. Haven’t even loaded it up or got it out the box. The blog seems to be taking up a bit of time and finding its own path but plenty of positive comments. How are you Angie, working away with LR5? How’s the new camera? Hope you are having fun in Accrington, though recent posts have been from all over the place….MM 🍀

      • I’m great thank you. I am finding Lightroom interesting, but not using it to it’s full potential at the moment. Camera is amazing and I’m still learning something new every time I pick it up. Over the last five weeks I have been to Geneva, Genoa, France, Valencia, Barcelona. Tunisia, Rome, Monte Carlo and then back to Accrington. The last two weeks have been spent in Blackpool whilst my daughter spent the 2 weeks at the zoo in the academy.

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