270 – Morning Mist

270 - Morning Mist


4 thoughts on “270 – Morning Mist

      • It’s why I do so many dawn shoots.. it always seems to be fairly special at stupid o’clock 🙂 Glad you’re getting out for those early morning photos. This one really is lovely!
        I was driving across Dartmoor this morning at stupid o’clock on my way to a meeting. I didn’t have my camera as the sensor is being cleaned and it really was one of those times and I kicked myself for choosing this weekend to have the camera serviced. The sunrise was fantastic with the golden light and the mist laying across the Devon countryside. I will be going back that way for sure, hopefully to make up for what I missed this morning. 😦

      • One thing I have learnt is when you don’t have a camera in arms reach nature likes to play games and show you some amazing sights. I always have a camera on me these days. My Nikon compact whilst I’m working and if the weather is not too cold or too hot (if only lol) I have my DSLR in the boot of my car. I enjoy nothing more than taking a detour on my way home and taking a few photos. It clears my head after a stressful day at work. 🙂

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