As the sun goes down on another day

As the sun goes down on another day


18 thoughts on “As the sun goes down on another day

      • You sure are. All good over here but very busy trying to set up a business, keep the blog ticking over, submit proposal, doing two courses, messing with a new camera..such fun 😃

      • the Canon 5d mk III, the base one of the professional range – my first full frame. The key reason is I will need two cameras if I am to do any work using a camera and being a lover of natural light, the low light performance was a significant factor. Love playing with it. MM 😃

      • Sometimes I feel a bit disillusioned with myself and the photographs I’m taking. I guess I want to run before I can walk.

      • I’ve actually become more relaxed, particularly about the blog and I think that is helping me. I am though still my biggest critic and was disappointed with the results of a recent shoot – but I got the images in the paper anyway. So learning not to be too critical.

        Sound familiar? 😉

      • Yes, been getting a lot of boosts recently which is always good. But I guess when I look at it I have been putting in the effort too and deserve the breaks. Taking the challenge to change has been a breath of fresh air. 😃 Best wishes my very dear friend and one of my earlier encounters on WordPress – good to see that the contact has continued. MM 💚

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